FretTrainer 1.0

Learn the guitar on your palm


  • Great learning aid
  • Can play anywhere


  • It's no guitar
  • Free play is stilted


For all you budding Jimi Hendrixes, FretTrainer is a personal tutor making sure you get that fretboard licked. It's a basic package with a digitised fretboard and keyboard with two main features.

Test your knowledge of the notes on the guitar by matching the right choice of note with the correct key on the piano. Or just play that axe by sliding about on the strings.

For all of you beginning on the guitar this is a handy little helper that will get you remembering all the notes you need. The sound is more computer than Clapton but you can practise on the train and bus.

FretTrainer helps you to remember all the letter names on the guitar fretboard. While you are not practising, you can play the on-screen guitar and jam with your friend!



FretTrainer 1.0

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